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NEO Car Rental offers a unique car rental service that you can book and manage entirely through our website. After booking, you will receive an email from us with a clear overview of what you have booked with us and instructions for collecting and returning the rental car. The car you book with us is also a rental car that will be ready for you upon arrival at Curacao Airport, HATO. View all reviews of NEO Car Rental here

You will not be faced with surprises during your rental with us, you can use your rental car comfortably and carefree. All risks are excluded from our rental rates.

NEO Car Rental also offers a unique “responsive and excellent” service for the delivery and return of your rental car. With us, you don’t have to queue at the rental office after a tiring journey. When you arrive at Curacao airport, your rental car will be waiting for you outside the departure hall with one of our employees. The NEO Car Rental staff will contact you and you can leave immediately. The same thing happens when you put the car back on the road.

No long queues for a rental car and no extra insurance premiums!


View all NEO Car Rental reviews here. We like seeing people smile, and we enjoy having satisfied clients. That is why we go to such lengths for it!

We also like making others happy, such as sending a lovely email with praise or a favorable review.

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NEO Automobile Rental is a one-of-a-kind car rental solution that can be booked and managed fully through our website. Following your booking, you will get an email from us with a detailed breakdown of what you have reserved with us as well as for instructions for collecting and returning the rental car. The vehicle you reserve via us is also a rental vehicle.


The NEO Car Rental crew will call you, and you will be able to depart immediately. When you restart the automobile, the same thing happens.

There will be no long lines for a rental car and no additional insurance fees!