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Road Assistance - Wegenwacht | NEO Car Rental Curacao Service
14 May 2019

Drive carefree…!

Drive carefree , and assured of help! What does 24/7 roadside assistence? Bad luck is not something you think constantly, but it can be very inconvenient and this can disrupt…
Child seat | NEO Car Rental Curacao Service
14 May 2019

Free: Child seats

Child seats are free, (reserve in advance to assure availability).
Ford Explorer | NEO Car Rental Curacao Service
14 May 2019

Ford Explorer 7 Seats

Ford Explorer 7 seats From today you can rent a 7 seater at NEO Car Rental Curaçao; the Ford Explorer 7 seats.
Autoverhuur | NEO Car Rental Curacao Service
14 May 2019

Delivery Service!

Service from door to door with the Neo Car Rental Pickup and delivery service! With the Neo Car Rental Pickup service, you will be door to door. We will bring…

Service tips car rental on Curacao

When you go on holiday, it seems logical that you want to get into your rental car as soon as possible. Play some music, let the wind blow through your hair and drive to your residence! But first, the rental agreement must be created, reviewed, and signed at the rental desk. However, the process takes time. You have entered all the details in advance via the online check-in service. This way you can quickly start your holiday and pick up your rental car.

What are the advantages of the online check-in service?

You can shorten the time at the counter by selecting Online. After all, you have filled in your details beforehand and the spatial park provider has a car. Just viewing and signing the contract is all it takes. Your personal details have already been filled in and verified at home, which is another advantage of this service. This way you prevent that you have something that is not in your past. That’s really handy.

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